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Feb 27

Consequences of domestic violence

By Dominic Hill | Domestic Violence

Violence against women poses a risk to physical and reproductive health, a The World Health Organization promulgates it as a public health priority a problem, which requires a vigorous action directed at its suppression and termination. Violence leaves different, specific and non-specific, mutually related consequences, and is also the leading cause of injuries when women are seeking medical assistance.

Physical violence develops a variety of mechanical and physical injuries, as well as functional health disorders, the frequency of which varies between 40 and 75%, although the real cause of injuries may remain unclear and unverified, even from experienced health workers. Sexual violence for women who have experienced it three times more often leads to gynecological problems, which are long-lasting and recurrent. Violence is a frequent cause of pregnancy which poses a serious risk to health and life, for both mothers and children.

post3bHealth issues

Domestic violence is chronic stress. Long-term exposure to stress leads to damage to the immune system, which further alleviates a various range of diseases. The most common psychosomatic symptoms include headaches, neck pain, shoulders and back, tics, insomnia, skin rash, anemia, respiratory problems, menstrual disorders, more frequent illness, health deterioration or diseases, abdominal pain, diarrhea, the frequent occurrence of herpes and the like.

Psychological consequences are also numerous and include tension, anxiety, feeling of weaknesses, feelings of fear (for themselves, for children, other family members), shame, guilt, self-neglect, loss of self-confidence, insecurity, feeling helplessness and hopelessness, depression, panic attacks, suicidal ideas, sleep disorders (insomnia, nightmares), disorders in nutrition (anorexia, bulimia, malnutrition, dehydration), lack of tolerance and patience, abuse of tobacco alcohol and drugs, destructive behavior towards others (neglect of children, violence against children, murder violent), self-destructive behavior (attempted suicide and suicide). Learn more about addiction and domestic violence. 3c

What about children?

Violence in a partner relationship also affects the parent-child relationship and the development of a child. There are different unfavorable factors (poverty, stressful events, and crises, alcoholism in a family, the impact of various types of violence, etc.). Children are exposed to dangers, possible abandonment and abuse, and the child’s relationship with his mother and father changes in different ways. A child that is growing up in a violent family will latter in life possibly became one of his/her parents – either the victim or the abuser. How?

Because the child will have trough its childhood and adulthood wrong role models that will teach them that love family and trust is something broken and that those things always come with pain. The child will either learn that he/she needs to be an abuser to stop being a victim, or that only way to deserve love from someone is to be a victim. This is curable but it needs time and care.